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Autores: Lilliam T. Rivera
Julio E. Sánchez

Lilliam T. Rivera, RPh, PharmD
Dr. Rivera is pharmacist specialized in dermatologic compounding. She is certified by the Processional Compounding Centers of America in Dermatology, Wound and Scar and by the American College of Apothecaries in Clinical Dermatological and Cosmeceutical Compounding. She was Adjunct Faculty and Instructor/Facilitator of compounding (pharmaceutics laboratory) for Nova Southeastern University. Now she dedicates most of her pharmacy practice to art of compounding medications.

Julio E. Sánchez, MD, FAAD
Dr. Sánchez is a Board Certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist and Assistant Professor of the University of Puerto Rico who has a family tradition of pharmacy and compounding.